Alvaro Larre & Derek Plunkie

Geige und Gitarre (AUT)

Graz, Bad Schönau

Artists of the Graz Impro scene, Derek Plunkie (Canada) and Álvaro Vallejo Larre (Ecuador) play together for the first time. With very different musical backgrounds, they meet on this occasion in a free sound space that will be transformed by the story and the dramaturgical decisions taken by the narrator, presenting Text and Music as a whole in the field of Improvisation.

Derek is a guitarist/composer from the cold windswept prairies of Alberta. Inspired heavily by nature and history, not only do his compositions tell musical stories but they also strive to be a good basis for improvisers to tell their own. Making his home in Graz he studies Jazz Composition with Ed Partyka at KUG and is often seen playing around with his Dialekt Sextett or various other ensembles.

On the other hand, Álvaro from the high Andean city of Quito is a classically trained violinist who shifted more towards the experimental. He profits from being part of the class of Eszter Haffner, who also teachers at KUG and he dedicates himself to all kinds of musical projects taking place on the meeting points between contemporary music, jazz and improvised music, such as The Styrian Improvisers Orchestra, among others.